Villa van Tuya

 Inspired by the Mongolian traditional interior of a Ger, a new series of objects was created which referred to the nomadic lifestyle. The main architecture of a Ger included a low table and stools for the family to eat, a window in the ceiling as a source of light and fresh air, and a decorated entrance as a window into the endless landscape.

We translated these simple, yet decorated elements, into modern objects that symbolise the way of living whilst retaining their functional aspects like being lightweight and their decorative character.


 With the use of a silhouette cutting technique, foam and a rubber coating, a collection of stools and table, as well as a light symbolising the sky have been created.


 In collaboration with photographer Michael Wodnar, images his travels to the vast Mongolian landscape have been integrated into a room divider and curtain.





Potentiale, Austria



Martijn Rigters

© Studio Sain

© Studio Sain