Flavour Collage

- Edible Neubau

As part of the Urban Food & Design initiative during Vienna Design Week 2018, Namuun Zimmermann and Kevin Smeeing invited citizens of Vienna to explore new forms of table culture, and to experiment with flavours and ingredient combinations during a week long series of workshops. Together with the participants they created a daily Edible Neubau, in the form of a edible scale-model of the cities 7th district.


In times of increasing polarisation, the focus was put on celebrating cultural diversity in a city like Vienna. Inspired by Food City, a project by the Austrian Avant-garde group Haus-Rucker-Co, Edible Neubau aims to bring urban structures to the public’s attention. By hosting a temporary cooking club, the multicultural landscape of Vienna could be explored in variations of jelly & chocolate, which could afterwards be tasted and enjoyed by both the makers and visitors of the Design Week.




Kevin Smeeing & Namuun Zimmermann (Studio Sain)



Vienna Design Week &

Wirtschaft Agentur Wien



Kollektiv Fischka & Kevin Smeeing

© Studio Sain

© Studio Sain