Dadatopia was a drop-in workshop to create bold and powerful slogans as part of the Tate Late Uniqlo event at the Tate Modern in October 2017.


The workshop was used as a platform for visitors to raise questions and display opinions by using collage cut-outs and street art techniques, as well as to share ideas about their community and collective activism.


The banners were constructed by the use of pre-collected images from different socio, political backgrounds and letters, to create dadaist-like collages which expressed opinions ranging from political movements, to hopes and dreams of a better future.


This event was accessible to all and was participated by over 200 visitors.



Collaboration: Rike Glaser & Namuun Zimmermann (Studio Sain)



Tate Late Uniqlo, London



Rike Glaser

© Studio Sain

© Studio Sain