Anti Objects

‘’This is for boys and that is for girls’’ - social regulatory systems like these persist and they influence both our behaviour and that of our children. Structural restrictions in the selection of toys, colours, games, hobbies, clothing or media influence their decisions, and therefore, all of us.


As part of Wienwoche, The workshops Anti-Objects enables children to explore their identities and question socially predetermined values and boundaries. Stereotypical representations will be taken apart together, thereby placing the focus on the children’s individual interests and forms of expression. The physical reconstruction of superhero characters gives children the opportunity to playfully reveal gender-specific elements and give the characters their own self-designed abilities and characteristics. Allowing the children to create their very own superheroes.


Wienwoche is a Viennese festival that experiments with merging creative practices and activism in different scales and formats, exploring different sides of art and social movements.




2019 Wienwoche


Degree Project:

Namuun Zimmermann, Royal College of Art, 2015



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